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For boutique funds and individual investors Red Acre Investments helps you extend your coverage universe. We specialize in binary events, special situations and mispriced securities. By becoming a member, you can focus on your overall portfolio while still benefiting from our actionable trade ideas on stocks poised to make large moves.

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Let us be your unfair advantage in increasing investment returns. We don't just write about stocks, or maintain a "model" portfolio - we actively manage the Red Acre Partners L.P. Micro-cap Value Fund and trade based on the ideas we share with our members. Our track record of being Ahead of the Curve is proven out by the fact that in 2012 our fund was up more than 699%. Put the power of our insights to work for your portfolio.

Get Ahead of the Curve

As a member you'll have access to our investment insights before they are published. We have a proven track record of delivering insights that precede significant moves in stock price. We publish investment views through a number of widely distributed channels including Seeking Alpha, PropThink, BioMedReports and our own website, but our members get to see our best ideas first. This early access is one of the ways membership helps you Get Ahead of the Curve.

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